Welcome to my farmy blog! This is just a brief introduction. I hope to update it every few days while I’m at Adamah at the Isabella Freedman Center.

I start this Sunday, May 24th, and I return right after Labor Day, when the program culminates in the HAZON NY Bike Ride.

This is the Adamah official blog. Maybe I’ll take part in updating that, too. Not sure. But I recommend reading it too! The most recent post is a welcoming email to the new fellows who arriving in just a few short days!

And just for fun, here are three friend’s food blog links:

Jessica Fechtor’s Sweet Amandine (link to her CSA blog post)

Gayle Squire’s Kosher Camembert (link to her CSA blog post [that mentions me!] Gayle is a member of the CSA site that I started in Cambridge!)

Cynthia Graber’s Wicked Tasty Harvest (She writes this with two other foodie friends. She is also a member of the CSA site that I started in Cambridge, and she will be writing each week about what produce has arrived and what she is goign to do with it. Mmmm!)

Heaven’s Harvest Farm: the farm that is delivering the produce to the CSA site that I started in Cambridge.

I look forward to sharing with you all! Please leave comments.



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  1. 1

    zahavah said,

    Farmer Laura, you’ve started your own blog!!!!! Thanks for referencing mine!
    – Z (aka, Gayle!)

  2. 2

    Mother said,

    A few typos to fix but otherwise a good start. Ma is proud. My little hay seed.

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