Freedman Snow


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First JCarrot blog post


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Eruv Fixin’

My new past time (i.e. part of my job) is working on the eruv. I don’t really enjoy it on my own, because it is hard for me. I’m pretty short to work at a good angle, and it’s a schlep to carry a ladder around… plus the stakes and the tools, blah blah… But happily, I had help the other day from two fine young Adamahnik men. And today I had helped from Ross from Maintenance. I’ve had a really good time! And the eruv is in better shape than ever.

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Goodbye Yellow Trail

I guess you could call it the Grey Trail now.

I guess you could call it the Grey Trail now.

More Fall Freedman 010

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The Yellow Trail

Autumn - Freedman and more 001

See the yellow trail of trees?

I’d been hearing about The Yellow Trail for a few weeks. What I had thought was just a trail in the Freedman woods (like the Red or the Blue or the Caution Tape trails) is actually not just any other trail. Oh, no. No, no. It is thus named for a beautiful row of trees which turn vivid yellow at the same time. It’s pretty remarkable.

I naively thought that this was a brilliant coincidence and that G-d was just bestowing an extra blessing on Freedman. But, it’s not just something random and remarkable. It’s something totally science-y and cool, actually. And can still be a gift from G-d, if you choose to feel that way. 🙂

Thanks to Andrew in the main office, I know that these trees are Big-Toothed Aspens.

They reproduce with suckers that actually create clones of the parent tree. Therefore, that is actually a string of the “same” tree over and over. And that is why they all turn the same vivid yellow at the same time! Pretty frackin’ cool, yeah?

Enjoy some more pics, won’t you?

Autumn - Freedman and more 002

Autumn - Freedman and more 003

Autumn - Freedman and more 004

Autumn - Freedman and more 005

Autumn - Freedman and more 006


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NYC visit

I had the pleasure to go to NYC this weekend and see Molly and Johanna from this summer. Yay! I also met a few other Adamah alumni, which was fun and exciting. I visited two co-ops — M and J are each living in one, in two different Brooklyn neighborhoods. Met cool people, had a good time, saw new areas I’ve never been to before.

I also got to visit Jill P who is pregnant with twins. Yay! And I got to meet her absolutely adorable little pup, Sunny. Cuuuute! Aw, I miss having a pet so much.

NYC will never be home to me like Boston and Cambridge area, but it is growing on me. It’s always fun and interesting to be there. It’s also pretty overwhelming. It’s a bit too “much” for me — too much of anything and everything.

But this weekend was fun. And now I’m back at Freedman, which I love, even if the kitchen is a hot mess ball of stress lately.

Teva kids week 4 here we come…. grilled cheese and tomato soup Monday lunch for the fourth week in a row….

On another note, this week I am going to start writing for The Jew and the CarrotHazon’s blog. I have some exciting first post ideas, but if you have any Jews and food tips that you want to send my way, please feel free!


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I discovered that if I take the labor-intensive time to insert each picture one by one, that I can center them and make them a reasonable size. When inserting a gallery, you are not allowed to insert in less than 2 columns, therefore making the pictures smaller (and for some reason eliminating the captions). So I just spent the time going through all my old posts and inserting the pictures one at a time. But now at least you can see them clearly. Yay!

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